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Simple Contextual User Documentation SDK

The Simple Contextual User Documentation Software Development Kit (SCUDSDK) provides the bits you need to add user documentation, help guides to desktop or cloud-based applications. Since the SCUDSDK uses WordPad as an input tool to create rich text format (rtf) documents for your user documentation, no complex encoding is required within documents themselves. Multiple rtf documents can be combined within a folder to provide a multiple chapter help guide for a project.

Simple code snippets can be embedded within your code to provide pop-up tips for users for the task they are working on. Hence the contextual aspect. A complete guide combining all documents can be provided via a traditional help button from an app's menu bar.


Sample page with question mark (?) buttons for How To links.

Formatting Documents for the SCUD Help Viewer is quite easy.

  • Use the WordPad utility or Word to compose content for the Simple Contextual User Documentation SDK (SCUDSDK). Save documents in rich text format (.rtf extension).
  • Enclose main headings or titles with /* <text> */.
    For instance /*This Is A Main Heading*/
  • Enclose subheadings with /** <text>**/.
    For instance /**This Is A Subtitle**/
  • Otherwise use the normal text-editing functions to select fonts, set font size, bold, set type color, insert images, etc.

Combining Multiple Rtf Documents (as Chapters) into a User Guide

  • Simply place your rtf documents within a folder named “HelpDocs” within your project folder.
  • The HelpViewer automatically combines these documents into a user guide.
  • Tip: To achieve proper sequencing of documents in your user guide name the documents A10, A20, A30, B10, B20, and so forth.


  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 or Visual Studio 2012 Express
  • Visual Basic .Net (VB.Net)
  • .Net Framework 4.0 although earlier versions will probably work as well.

Code Snippets

  • Check out the sample program included in the download to extract code snippets. The sample app shows how to embed contextual help within your projects.

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